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01. Who can apply for Ease2Pay payment services?

We accept applications from any businesses, organizations and charitable bodies registered in the Hong Kong or other countries. However, we reserve the right to reject application(s) without the obligation to provide any reason and/or explanation.

02. Which merchant should need Ease2Pay:

- Merchants with online business demand
- Merchants which target for world-wide business opportunities
- Merchants which searching for one-stop payment gateway services

03. What are the payment services provided by Ease2Pay?

- Multi - currency payment processing
- International credit card payment service
- European and Asian debit card payment service
- Prepaid VISA Debit Card & Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card
- MOTOPay (Mail order and telephone order payment service)

04. How to apply for Ease2Pay service?

Simply click here or send us an email at: marketing@ease2pay.com for inquiry, and we will get back to you in 2 working days.

05. What languages will the API Technical File Support?

The Ease2Pay payment service supports virtually all web server platforms, as long as you can address our server securely by posting xml and interpret the xml messages we send as a response. Most platforms and programming languages allow this.

06. How about Ease2Pay¡¯s risk management services?

Ease2Pay had developed our own proprietary system which we designed and maintained ourselves with the latest technology and risk management tools to ensure safety in all transactions.

07. Will the merchant be informed of a successful payment?

Our system can provide instant / soonest payment e-mail notification (pay success, Fail or Cancelled) to the merchants.

08. What's the settlement procedure of Ease2Pay?

Ease2Pay offers quick and flexible settlement service to merchant. Upon the payment of card holders completed, an immediate notification will be shown on our backend system.

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