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Corporate Social Responsibility ¨C Ease2Pay Participates Red Cross FUN FUN Day

FUN FUN Red Day has been held in every August of the past four years, and we¡¯ve actively participated in the event for the last three years in a row. This year, as usual, all of our staff dress in red and make their donation on the day of FUN FUN day.

This event is to commemorate the date of 12 August 1949, the re-conclusion and signature day of fourarticles in Geneva Convention, which endows the Red Cross to carry on the humanitarian work as a neutrality identity. The donation will be used for the development and financing for humanitarian services.

The persistent participation in this event not only shows the cohesion of our company, but also demonstrates our determination of fulfilling our society responsibilities. We believe with a heart of caring and giving, we will be able to provide even better services for our clients.


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