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Ease2Pay will treat any information and privacy in relation to the users, viewers and clients in the strictest confidentiality as we set security and privacy as our top priority. This privacy policy sets out the rules and policies how we handle all the personally identifiable information we collect from our users, viewers and clients while accessing or registering any of our services (including use of our service, subscription our service or any information given for any marketing promotion campaigns or any online registration) in order to preserve the confidentiality of all information you provided us via this website by any of these requests.

Information Collection and use

Any personally identifiable information we collect as a result from any registration or the use of our products or services through this web site will not be shared, distributed or rented to any parties; personally identifiable information is only used to any particular purpose at the time it is collected or acquired and for no other purpose. The personal information you provided (such as your name, email address etc) allows us to update you about our products and services of Ease2Pay and only share and disclose such information unless the prior consent is given, law enforcement or any legal entity requested.

Marketing promotions

We may occasionally collect personal information from the users, viewers or clients of visiting this site. Or any of those individuals who voluntarily participate in any of our contests or promotions or sponsors Ease2Pay may require for any personally identifiable information (such as name, email address, home address, gender, age, occupation etc). You are asked to read through all the rules and conditions set up for any particular promotion, contest or sponsorship before your participation. Ease2Pay is not reliable for any disputes or loss arises from your participation in any of such events offered by our affiliations or third parties.

Changes of privacy policy

Ease2Pay reserves the right to amend or change any of its privacy policy at any time and all the changes or amendments will be specified or stated on this page and please visit this site for any modifications about how we collect and handle personally identifiable information before we implement such changes with notifications.

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